Relax deeply as we take you on a journey to achieve your goals and desires…

Repeated use of our programmes will help you to learn to relax, feel more confident, and increase your inner strength and creativity. In the process you will access additional resources, strengths, and capabilities with every use.

These programmes will be instrumental in creating the right thoughts about your goals and desires, enabling your unconscious mind to focus on your conscious intention. Apart from when you are specifically instructed through the guided-imagery, you don’t have to consciously think about your goal while listening; you can simply relax and enjoy the journey! Your goal can be to achieve great health and well-being, success in business, acquire financial freedom and abundance, be a winner in sports or anything else you desire. See these programmes as containing a Genie, who will do your bidding!

Get well audio programme

How to get well. Learn how a few simple techniques will allow you to use the power of relaxation to awaken your own powers of healing and well being.

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Eat well audio programme

Allow the power of relaxation to re-programme your taste buds to eat fresh, nutritious and healthier foods. Use this programme to change your eating habits forever, and with ease.

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Golf in mind audio programme

Improve your golf game. Golf is a mental challenge. You know that when you are relaxed, calm and confident you experience greater balance and control with your game.

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Relaxation with a goal audio programme

Use our relaxation programmes to allow you to focus on the life you want and, in doing so, engage with the powers within to manifest your goals effortlessly.

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These recordings will help you to align your conscious and unconscious minds to produce a positive mind set that will help you to achieve your goals in healthy eating, well-being or in golf!

Our programmes focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. For example, instead of saying: “I want to be pain free”, you would say: “I choose to feel healthy and totally well.” It is more powerful to state your desire as a choice rather than a want. A goal can be an ongoing process, such as: “I choose to feel motivated to exercise daily.”

Now simply relax, and enjoy the journey. You will find the experience energising, extremely pleasant and in some cases blissful as you literally ‘get out of your mind’ for a while, and even more enjoyable with every use.

Relax your way to a better life… Buy one of our fabulous programmes NOW and reap the immense benefits!