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Golf in mind audio programme“Golf is more than just a physical sport; Golf is a mental challenge. You know that when you are relaxed and calm, you experience greater balance and control on the golf course.”

Play better golf with the help of relaxation techniques!

Golf is more than just a physical sport, it’s a mental challenge.

Every thought you have permeates your body and is reflected in your golf swing…

Tension in the mind and body will be reflected in the shot. However when you are relaxed, calm and confident you experience greater balance and control on the course. If tension creeps in, it breaks your rhythm, concentration and swing.

Keeping yourself in that easy flow is really only possible when your mind and body are in a state of relaxation. Our ‘Golf in Mind’ programme will help you to be more relaxed on the course and, importantly, remain in that state for longer periods.

The mind/body connection is extremely important in the game of golf. We may play golf against others and compare scorecards, but our true opponent is our self.

The great Jack Nicklaus said: “Success depends almost entirely on how effectively you learn to manage the game’s two ultimate adversaries; the course and yourself.”

We review all possibilities in our mind’s eye. Our thoughts intensify with every subtle judgement of distance and slopes on the green. As we focus so intently on these aspects, without really noticing, it our bodies can become rigid and strained, which undoubtedly affects our rhythm; so important in golf.

Recall the times when you played golf and were able to make the shot just as you intended… Every movement was relaxed, yet in control. The golf ball finished down the fairway, on the green or in the hole!!

What was going through your mind at the precise moment your golf club made contact? What physical sensations were you experiencing? Did you feel stressed or uneasy? No, your body was relaxed and you were in the flow, resulting in execution of the shot almost effortlessly. You were in the zone.

Getting to this place of ‘relaxed focus’ again and again mentally and physically will improve your golf game. However, relaxation is the key – a relaxed mind and body are crucial to the whole flow of the shot.

Listening to this guided relaxation CD will help you become more familiar with your mind’s ability to control your body. It may not turn you into the world’s greatest golfer overnight, but it will help you enhance your golf game through improved focus and visualisation techniques.

With the help of these guided-imagery techniques you will have….a more enjoyable and much more relaxed game of golf.

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About Linda…

The Power of Relaxation programmes have been arranged, produced and narrated by Linda Keen, who works as a psychotherapist and counsellor in the UK.

Linda is also a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotist. In addition, she is a Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher and uses relaxation in her yoga classes to harness the power of the unconscious mind. Raja Yoga or ‘the Royal Path of Yoga’ is a 5000 year old tradition from the Himalayas and teaches the student to control his or her mind and thus join or yoga with the true self.

She has also conducted relaxation classes and stress-reduction courses over the years and knows the benefits of using relaxation and visualisation to achieve the life we desire, particularly in terms of happiness and contentment.

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Golf in mind audio programme


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