Do we use hypnosis?

We combine the natural process of relaxation with hypnosis and suggestion. Suggestions are the heart of any hypnotic session and come at a time when you are at your most relaxed and responsive. These suggestions awaken the deepest part of you, the unconscious mind, and this drives you to achieve the desired results.

Hypnosis has existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. After listening to our recordings, most clients express feelings of profound relaxation, confidence and inner peace. Although the word ‘hypnosis’ comes from the Greek word ‘sleep’, the hypnotized individual is not unconscious, asleep or in any other similar state. In fact, while in hypnosis an individual is in a very relaxed state, but perhaps more alert and aware than ever.

Hypnosis is completely safe and very useful for guiding our intentions in a helpful direction. It can be used in the control of pain, stress disorders and in cases where other medical practices would be inadvisable. It is also very useful in areas where there are few other effective medical treatments, such as curing phobias, insomnia, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Since hypnosis is a very natural state of mind, hypnotherapy can be easily effective. The first lesson is that you don’t have to try to be hypnotized; simply remain passive and let it happen. In fact, every time you daydream or use your imagination, you are quite naturally dipping in and out of hypnosis; that’s how simple it is!

Hypnosis makes us more aware and alive to our moment-to-moment experience and all its effects, from physical relaxation to mental relaxation, follow on from that. In the short term hypnosis is an antidote to stress, a means of becoming calmer and more self-possessed; in the long term it is a tool with which we can transform ourselves fundamentally and in doing so, achieve our goals effortlessly.

With regular practice we can begin to free ourselves from the limitations of habit, not to react habitually to our experience, but to respond creatively and with awareness.

When applied to our golfing programme, whether it is hitting a golf ball with more concentration than you ever imagined, or overcoming the fear of missing a putt in a pressure situation, or actually enjoying the challenge of your next bunker shot, our programmes can help you achieve results faster that you ever dreamed possible.

Relaxation of the mind is a pleasant and enjoyable way to unlock the full potential of your mind.