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Relaxation with a goal audio programme“Relaxation with guided imagery is a powerful tool for change. It is helpful in enabling people to break out of their limiting beliefs and open up new possibilities to live a more complete and fulfilled life. “

Relaxation techniques can be used as powerful goal-setting or manifestation tools and start the process of turning dreams and desires into reality. But how?

Manifestation is the process of making something come into being; the word manifest meaning to exhibit or to show. It is the evidence or result of action. Therefore, if you want something in your life, action precedes manifestation and the actual manifestation is merely the evidence that you have achieved your goal.

So, how does relaxation help to manifest your dreams and desires?

Freud’s analogy of the iceberg

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the mind. He said the conscious mind was the part that was above the water, the part we can see and the part of which we are aware or conscious. In contrast, he likened the unconscious mind to the expansive mass beneath the water; the part we cannot see and of which are unaware or unconscious.

Relaxation allows us to access the unconscious mind. All of our behaviours, thoughts, values and beliefs are guided by our unconscious mind and this the part of the mind where change has to take place. Relaxation opens the door to the unconscious mind by by-passing the critical factor in the conscious mind. Once the critical factor has been side-stepped, this allows access to dissolve or relax away deeply held beliefs in the unconscious mind that may limit reaching those all-important goals. These beliefs – some of which we are completely unaware – can influence our ability to realize our full potential, in any or many areas of our life.

However, it is always your choice. You can also break a large long term goal down into intermediate, shorter term goals, or simply state your intention for the day. You can listen with the same goal in mind for consecutive days, or choose a different one each time. Either way, you will access more strengths and resources, with every use, as well as reinforcing those you already have.

Changing beliefs

Once in a state of relaxation, your mind is guided by the programme to create and establish more positive and beneficial beliefs. These guide us, cybernetically (Greek for helmsmanship) to work from the unconscious mind to manifest our dreams and desires. This is where the seed is planted and starts to flourish. Without making changes in the unconscious mind, lasting change invariably does not work, as we know from willpower alone and the famous New Year’s resolutions, which tend not to last!

It is in this way that gentle guided relaxation and visualisation, allows you to use your imagination, and as all solutions come from your imagination, manifestation is the result.

Deeply held beliefs in our unconscious mind colour the way we see the world. Whatever we focus on in our lives is exactly what we manifest, as in the Law of Attraction. Therefore if we focus on limitation, which could be poverty, poor health or bad relationships, we inevitably attract more of the same. However, by changing the focus of attention, like a beam of light through the dark, we can at least start to see possibilities. Which would you prefer?

If your goal is financial freedom – with more happiness and fun in your life – use the Relaxation with a Goal™ system and learn how to programme the money blueprint into your unconscious mind for massive success. Relaxation with a Goal™ is a powerful and versatile tool, allowing you access to the power of manifestation at the deepest level.

About Linda…

The Power of Relaxation programmes have been arranged, produced and narrated by Linda Keen, who works as a psychotherapist and counsellor in the UK.

Linda is also a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Master Hypnotist. In addition, she is a Hatha and Raja Yoga teacher and uses relaxation in her yoga classes to harness the power of the unconscious mind. Raja Yoga or ‘the Royal Path of Yoga’ is a 5000 year old tradition from the Himalayas and teaches the student to control his or her mind and thus join or yoga with the true self.

She has also conducted relaxation classes and stress-reduction courses over the years and knows the benefits of using relaxation and visualisation to achieve the life we desire, particularly in terms of happiness and contentment.

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Relaxation with a goal audio programme


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